HAZMAT Reporting and Permitting Requirements - Where and When to Send Reports

Where must the reports be sent?

The Hazmat Reporting System is all online now. No extra software is required. All you need is a computer and internet.

    Nevada Combined Agency Hazardous Materials Facility Reports are to be submitted to the State Fire Marshal’s Division via the online system. Submission to the State Fire Marshal’s Division will accomplish notification to the SFM and SERC.

      Pursuant to EPCRA, Tier I or Tier II reports must also be submitted by the company/facility to the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) and the local fire department. It is anticipated online submission will soon accomplish notification to the LEPC and local fire department. Please contact your LEPC and Local Fire Department regarding their requirements.

        When must facilities report?

        Nevada Combined Agency Hazardous Materials Reports are due annually by March 1. For the Hazardous Materials Permit issued by the State Fire Marshal, the report must cover the current year March 1 to the following last day of February. The permit will cover the same time period.

          If a company is reporting pursuant to EPCRA, it must report on activities from the previous calendar year to meet federal requirements. Reporting pursuant to EPCRA for the previous calendar year will meet the State Fire Marshal reporting requirements for the current year.