State Fire Marshal Administration

Nevada State Fire Marshal

107 Jacobsen Way
Carson City, Nevada 89711
(775) 684-7500

This office is responsible for directing requests from all agencies and businesses requiring information from the State Fire Marshal and it's personnel.  It also deals with all State Fire Marshal personnel issues, budgets, public information requests and other general office activities.


    Key Personnel

    Mike Dzyak - State Fire Marshal

    Connie Etchison - Executive Administrative Assistant

    (775) 684-7525 office phone

    (775) 684-7518 office fax



      Financial Services Unit

      Administrative Support

      Brandi Salisbury -
      Bureau Chief - Financial Services Unit
      Management Analyst III
      (775) 684-7509

      Connie Etchison -
      Executive Administrative Assistant SFM –
      Admin Asst IV
      (775) 684-7525

      Vera Boyack -
      Management Analyst I
      (775) 684-7508

      Ginny Capucci -
      Hazardous Materials Permitting - Admin Asst III
      (775) 684-7524

      Brandilyn Baxter -

      Accounting Assistant III

      (775) 684-7517

      Nicole Hoekstra (Acting) -
      Investigations / Enforcement Bureau and Fire
      Protection Engineering Bureau - Admin Asst III
      (775) 684-7510


      Ginny Capucci (775) 684-7524 / Nicole Hoekstra (775) 684-7531 -
      Certificates of Compliance - Admin Asst II


      Becky Kling -
      Fire Protection Licensing Admin Asst II
      (775) 684-7530


      Business Hours
      Monday through Friday
      8:00 am - 5:00 pm


      Closed Saturday and Sunday
      Closed on all State Holidays


      107 Jacobsen Way, Carson City, Nevada 89711 .
      (775) 684-7500  .  FAX: (775) 684-7507


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