HAZMAT Reporting and Permitting Requirements - What information is included in the online reporting?

The Nevada Combined Agency Hazardous Materials Facility Report requires company/facility addresses and emergency contact information. Also required is chemical inventory information including the identity, hazards, amounts and locations of the reportable chemicals on site at each facility.

    When registering as a user, be prepared to enter the following:

      • company name 
      • physical address
      • mailing address
      • billing address
      • name
      • phone number
      • e-mail address of the responsible authority; 
      • username and password information including the answer to a standard secret question

        When entering facility information, be prepared to enter the following:

          • facility name
          • physical address
          • county name
          • fire department name through a drop down menu; 
          • facility telephone number
          • latitude and longitude (available through an online look-up service based on address)
          • mailing address
          • owner/operator mailing address
          • North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) (available through an online look-up service)
          • two emergency contact personnel names, telephone numbers and unique 24 hour telephone numbers.

            When entering chemical information, be prepared to enter the following:

              • Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) number (available through an online look-up service)
              • chemical name
              • trade secret information if applicable
              • chemical state – pure/mixture, solid/liquid/gas
              • physical and health hazards
              • IFC Material Type
              • maximum and average daily amounts of chemicals in pounds
              • storage codes and location
              • and whether or not the chemical was on site during the last calendar year