HAZMAT Permitting Requirements - How Facilities Report

The Online Hazardous Materials Reporting System has been developed to allow facilities to complete and submit their information online. The Nevada Department of Public Safety, Fire Marshal Division and the Nevada State Emergency Response Commission developed a combined agency reporting form containing EPCRA and SFM hazardous materials permitting information. By submitting this information, facilities will be complying with the federal and State reporting requirements. If you are unable to access the Internet to submit online, hard copy report submissions are also available by calling the Hazmat Office.

    We strongly urge all facilities to report online using the Online Hazardous Materials Reporting System. The online system has built in edit checks that help avoid reporting errors. More importantly, data reported online is immediately available for use by emergency planning and response agencies, avoiding delays associated with processing of hard copy submittals. An added benefit of using the online system is the system can generate an invoice based on the information submitted and accept electronic payment of associated fees. You may report online and mail a check if you prefer. No special software is needed to report online. All you need is a computer and internet access.

      As there are a limited number of user licenses, there will be one user account for each company. The company may develop internal controls for the use of the user account and sharing of the name and password.