What are the main changes to the previous system of reporting?

The new online reporting system has the same look and requires most of the same information as the previous reporting requirements. Changes to the data include the following requirements: chemicals reported in pounds; SFM permitting based on the 2006 IFC regulations rather than the 2003 IFC regulations; latitude and longitude coordinates; and a valid e-mail address.

    Data entered into the online system will be used to automatically populate the Nevada Combined Agency Hazardous Materials Facility Report which may be printed and delivered to the LEPC and the local fire department as appropriate.

      Unlike the previous hard copy submission and SFM data entry of all company/facility updated information, the new system will allow for immediate updates to the system throughout the year by the users. This in turn will allow emergency planners and responders to have current information as opposed to information that is reported on March 1 each year.

        The system has the ease of providing an invoice based on the chemical information submitted. It will also accept payment via electronic check.