Foster Care Facilities

Steps You Must Take for Licensing and Compliance in Nevada >>>

Step 1 - Review the Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) 424 - Foster Homes for Children:   

Step 2 -  The Nevada Department of Health & Human Services – Division of Child & Family Services (DCFS) issues licenses for Foster Parents.  As part of the licensing process, DCFS may request a Fire/Life Safety Inspection to be conducted by the State Fire Marshal Division.  DCFS initiates the request and sends directly to the State Fire Marshal Division.  DCFS can be contacted at: or Carson City & Rural Counties: (775) 684-1967, Washoe County: (775) 337-4400 or Clark County: (702) 455-0181

Step 3 - Once DCFS has the documentation they require for license processing, their office will contact the Nevada State Fire Marshal Division (NSFM) to request a Fire/Life Safety Inspection (one of the requirements for licensing). Upon a clear Fire/Life Safety Inspection an Approval Memo will be issued to DCFS on your behalf which finalizes your process with the State Fire Marshal Division.

What are my Fire Protection Requirements? What will I be Inspected for?

Please click the following link to download the Foster Care Information Sheet and print a copy for your records:

**NOTE:  ALL SMOKE ALARMS are required to be interconnected and in new construction shall receive their power from building wiring. 

This list is not all inclusive but may be used as a general guideline.  Specific requirements will be applied on a case by case basis.  It should also be understood that these requirements satisfy the minimum fire and life safety requirements as adopted by the State of Nevada and that the local authority may or may not impose stricter requirements as adopted by that jurisdiction.  It is YOUR responsibility to contact the local authority to ensure you meet their requirements in all cases.