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Effective January 15th, 2023, the Nevada State Fire Marshal Division will implement a newly legislative approved fee schedule for Certificates of Compliance, inspections, and plan review. The fee increase was approved by the Nevada State Legislature on December 28th, 2022. The fee increase is in response to a new budget format in which the State Fire Marshal has switched to a fee-based budget versus funding from the general budget. Also, the increase was necessary to cover cost of service expenses which had not been modified since 1997. A copy of LCB File no. R183-22 is provided on the link below and outlines the new fees assigned to Nevada Administrative Code 477.  A completed version of Nevada Administrative Code 477, will be posted on the State Fire Marshal website once a certified copy is forwarded back to the Nevada State Fire Marshal by our Legislative Council 

·           LCB File R183-22  

·           NSFMMemo 23010502 - Fee Increase 

Steps You Must Take for Licensing and Compliance in Nevada >>>

Step 1 - Review the Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) 432A - Services and Facilities for the Care of Children   

Step 2 -  Through the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health-Child Care Licensing: a State license is required to operate a Child Care Facility. One portion of the licensing requirement includes a fire and life safety inspection. On behalf of the DPBH, the Division of the State Fire Marshal or his appointed designee will conduct the initial inspection and all required subsequent annual inspections. A license issued by the DPBH to operate a Child Care Facility is contingent upon a satisfactory fire and life safety inspection and issuance of a Certificate of Compliance. You can contact DPBH at:  Northern Nevada Office (775) 684-4463 and Southern Nevada (702) 486-3822 or

Step 3 - It is your responsibility to request a childcare inspection through the Nevada State Fire Marshal Division.  Please remit the completed Child Care Inspection Request Form and the fee associated with your facility's physical address zip code listed on the 2nd and 3rd page of the request to NSFM, 107 Jacobsen Way, Carson City, NV 89711.  You may also email the request to us, but you will need to also attach a filled out credit card form listed below with your request.  Upon our receipt of the completed packet and payment, you will then be placed on an inspection list.  Please allow approximately 30-45 days for this process.  Go here to get the Child Care Inspection Request Form and the One Time Payment Credit Card Authorization Form.


Additionally if you are “new construction” or “remodeling” the facility, please contact the Nevada State Fire Marshal Fire Protection Engineering Bureau for those requirements.  You can call them at (775) 684-7510.

What are my Fire Protection Requirements? What will I be Inspected for?

Child Care Facilities are categorized by licensed capacity and age to determine the fire protection requirements for such use.  Please click the link and use this document to determine your category and requirements as applicable: 

Licensed Child Care Facilities Matrix

**NOTE:  ALL SMOKE ALARMS are required to be interconnected and in new construction shall receive their power from building wiring.

This list is not all inclusive but may be used as a general guideline.  Specific requirements will be applied on a case by case basis.  It should also be understood that these requirements satisfy the minimum fire and life safety requirements as adopted by the State of Nevada and that the local authority may or may not impose stricter requirements as adopted by that jurisdiction.  It is YOUR responsibility to contact the local authority to ensure you meet their requirements in all cases.